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June 22, 2009 / americanlunchroom

Pepperoni Pizza, Tater Tots and Pineapple in Syrup

Pepperoni Pizza, Tater Tots and Pineapple in Syrup

Lunch #10

Pepperoni Pizza, Tater Tots and Pineapple in Syrup

Chicago, IL

Public High School

Submitted by Jamie K.



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  1. Sunshine / Feb 9 2010 1:45 pm

    Thank God! Finaly a DISH! The thing that horrifies me the most is all the styrofoam, paper and plastic. Costs more to get, costs more to dispose of. And it’s terrible for the environment, and squeaky & chakly to eat off of. :p blech. At least these people have dishes!!

  2. Amanda / Apr 2 2010 9:34 am

    really people tater tots are fried foods(not good for you) pizza has tons of oils and fats. pineapple is good yes, in a syrup ummm no i dont think so! most kids go to a school where they have lunches like this ( i am in 9th grade^ high school aged) this is not good for us. then you hare people complaining about how the world is getting so fat well my friends if you want to change it help us have better food in our lunches!! we would love to eat real food not thins junk. if we where i the lunch line and we could have a choice of this^ or some real food like chicken thats not rubber-fide or veggies that look like baby food we would for sure eat the good stuff, and yes this is fact i did a survey for me HG class this year and 93% of the students in my class of freshmen said they would eat lunch if it was good. to have good nutrious food for our kids would ony cost about ten to thirty cents more per lunch are we really that cheep!!!!! its going to cost more i health benifits then it is lunchs so as i see it its a win win type of thing for us.( i pack my lunch its to gross to eat!)

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